Behind the Name & Product Philosophy

SCELLS believes in therapy that seeks to address the root of a condition by offering products that meet a high standard of cellular level efficacy. This belief lies in the understanding that a host of health issues ranging from degenerative diseases, organ disorders, skin conditions and fatigue often has underlying causes and issues that are connected with the condition of your cells. This has been the guiding principle of cellular therapists in Switzerland for over a century and is the inspiration behind SCELLS’s name and product philosophy.

SCELLS offers supplements and cosmeceuticals – prepared from a premium blend of cellular extracts of the purest and most potent grade from Switzerland. The brand’s products include a diverse range of clinically tested supplements and aesthetics for active cellular regeneration; which promote cell growth, regulate hormone secretion, renew stamina and vitality, combat premature ageing, boost the immune system, improve complexion and strengthen bones and muscles, among other health benefits.